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Welcome to Hidden Shelving..........

Posted by Robert Du Val on

Welcome to the Hidden Shelving Store. Our newly opened store is to launch our new products designed to help clean up and streamline clutter in home and office work spaces.

These unique shelves are designed to eliminate the mess caused by multiple power cords, cables and electronic components found under our desks. Hidden Shelves mount to the under side of your desktop and allow for the storage of cables, power strips and computer components out of sight and off the floor.

The heavy duty design provides ample space to store multiple items and is much more than a cable tray. Besides power strips and power cords, it also has room for cable modems, network routers, IP Phone equipment as well as small footprint computers. This also helps to make those areas child proof and pet proof and makes cleaning those areas much simpler

We are starting out by offering three different sizes of the shelf in lengths of 18", 24" and 30". Depending on the size of your work space, you can install multiple units to increase the amount of stuff you'd like to store.

Originally designed for use with sit/stand desks, the versatile shelves can be installed and used in lots of different places.

As time goes on, we plan to post pictures of some of the newly installed sets to give you some additional ideas as to how customers have installed and used them.

Thanks for reading my first post and look forward to many more in the future.

Robert Du Val
Hidden Shelving Systems