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About us

Hidden Shelving Systems sells unique shelves designed to store and hide power strips, cables, cords and computer accessories out of sight and off the floor.
While running a small consulting business from my home office for many years, I've had to wrestle with multiple computers, laptops, monitors, printers, phones, routers, and lamps along with multiple power strips, all filled with plugs for charging or powering every one of those devices. In my case, it ended up being 22 devices with electrical plugs needing power for one thing or another. The space behind my desk had taken a life of it's own and spawned a web of tangled cables that only seemed to get worse each time I looked at it.
I did not realize how bad it really was until I replaced my old desk with some newer, modern office furniture. I had done a lot of research and purchased a sitting/stand-up desk because of the amount of time I spent working on projects.
After buying an adjustable stand up desk and setting it up, I was eager to use it and am very happy with the purchase. The only drawback I've found to these types of desks is the lack of storage space or drawers. The wood frame work of my old desk did a good job of hiding all those cables and devices from sight, despite it being a fire hazard and a mess to look at. 
The fact was, there was no place to hide this mess, and it made my office look even more cluttered than before, even though the purpose of buying new furniture was to present a sleek new modern look.
I looked for some sort of existing solution to this, but was surprised that I could not find one, beyond a few Do It Yourself solutions that just didn't quite do it for me. I figured that others also have this problem too, so I decided to come up with something that works for me.
Large enough and strong enough to hold more than just cables, these hidden shelves are designed to utilize the space under your desktop to help keep the top of your desk clear of unwanted devices. I  also created a couple of different mounting options so it can be installed a number of ways depending on the circumstances.
 Because the shelves are mounted to the underside of your desktop, everything moves up and down with the adjustable desk and is never left dangling in mid air by the movement of the desk.